Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's Finished. Finally.

Jerusalem Falls is in the publishing process. I uploaded the files yesterday, and I should have the paperback proof tomorrow, and the hard cover proof by Friday or Monday. Once I approve them, both editions (plus the Kindle edition) will list on all the online book seller sites over the next few days.

A thousand thanks to Rachelle Chaykin for the magnificent job she did editing the manuscript. Her editing skills and editorial advice made Jerusalem Falls a much better book that it would have otherwise been.

Also, I appreciate those who agreed to read previews of Part I and provide me with honest criticism. Your contribution was priceless. My brother Jim is possibly the most meticulous reader I've ever known. Thank you, Jim, for your help.

I'll post here when Jerusalem Falls is officially on the market. Again, thanks to all who have been waiting, for your patience. I hope you will find this book worth the wait.

- Jack


M. Louisa Locke said...

Congrats! Jack.

Let us know on the HFAC yahoo group when it is up as an ebook (put under topic Twitter Notifications) and we will tweet up a storm for you.

Mary Lou

Jack Dixon said...

Thanks, Mary Lou! I'll do that. The Kindle version is actually available today.