Friday, April 27, 2012

Published! Jerusalem Falls is Available Now

FOR NEARLY TWO HUNDRED YEARS, the Crusades have raged across the Holy Land. Now, the Kingdom of God in Jerusalem is foundering, and support from Europe has waned. The city of Jerusalem has been in Muslim hands since Saladin, and more key cities fall with each passing decade.

Louis de Garonne has resolved to change that. Pursuing his boyhood dreams into the Order of the Knights Templar, and across the sea to the shores of Outremer, he hopes to breathe new life into the Holy Crusade and to see the recapture of both the city of Jerusalem and the venerated True Cross, both of which Saladin captured nearly a century ago.

However, Louis faces his own personal battles. At every turn, conflicts arise and threaten to undermine his dreams. He discovers love that could unravel his commitment to the Templar Order. His loyalty to the Crusade is challenged by disorder among the crusading armies. His convictions about right and wrong are threatened by human nature itself.

Will Louis overcome these challenges to realize triumph in his quest?

Jerusalem Falls is available now in paperback (here) and for the Kindle (here), and in hard cover soon. It will also be available at all online booksellers over the next couple of weeks.

For a signed copy of Jerusalem Falls (or The Pict), please contact me through my website,

Thank you in advance for reading Jerusalem Falls. If you do, please consider posting a reader review at Amazon, or at the online bookseller website of your choice.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's Finished. Finally.

Jerusalem Falls is in the publishing process. I uploaded the files yesterday, and I should have the paperback proof tomorrow, and the hard cover proof by Friday or Monday. Once I approve them, both editions (plus the Kindle edition) will list on all the online book seller sites over the next few days.

A thousand thanks to Rachelle Chaykin for the magnificent job she did editing the manuscript. Her editing skills and editorial advice made Jerusalem Falls a much better book that it would have otherwise been.

Also, I appreciate those who agreed to read previews of Part I and provide me with honest criticism. Your contribution was priceless. My brother Jim is possibly the most meticulous reader I've ever known. Thank you, Jim, for your help.

I'll post here when Jerusalem Falls is officially on the market. Again, thanks to all who have been waiting, for your patience. I hope you will find this book worth the wait.

- Jack

Friday, April 6, 2012

Edits Finished; Let the Publishing Begin

It feels like it's been forever. The Pict was published in August, 2007. So much has happened since then, and through it all, I've endeavored to mold Jerusalem Falls into a first rate story, and finally get it published.

The edits are complete. My editor, Rachelle Chaykin, is phenomenal. Thanks to her, Jerusalem Falls is a much better book than it would have been without her input.

Typesetting will take a week or two, and final cover design and file creation a couple more. But the book is complete, well-edited, and ready to go

I'll keep you posted on my progress over the next few weeks.