Tuesday, September 20, 2011

3,000 Copies Sold!

In August, The Pict exceeded 3,000 copies sold. By far, Kindle sales have eclipsed both paperback and hard cover sales. It seems that a lot of people got Kindles for Christmas last year, because sometime in March the Kindle version bypassed print, and it hasn't looked back since.
I'm glad. Electronic publishing has done a great deal to bring readers and writers together, and opened the floodgates on what kind of books are available, and at what price. Writers are no longer constrained by mainstream publishers on plot lines or character development, and readers can choose for themselves what they prefer to read instead of being told by the publishers what's worth reading.
As I've said before, as the world of book publishing evolves into a more free and independent medium, the success of that development will depend largely on readers' willingness to publicly review what they read. Wherever you buy your e-books, please take a few minutes to post reviews so that others will have a better idea of the quality of what they're buying. I'd far rather have a handful of happy readers than thousands of disappointed ones.
Jerusalem Falls is finished, except for the editing. I can finally, realistically say that it will be published before the holidays. Once again, for all who have been waiting for it, thank you for your patience. I think you will not be disappointed, and that you will consider it worth the wait.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jerusalem Falls - Coming Soon...

In August, four years almost to the day after The Pict was published, I finished the last chapter of Jerusalem Falls. Edits are coming along nicely, and as they do, I grow more pleased with how the story has turned out. It's been a long road, and it felt pretty good to type that final paragraph.

I'm debating publishing the e-book edition first, and then doing the typesetting and everything else that's involved in producing the print version. Kindle and other e-book sales seem to have far surpassed the printed formats anyway, and since e-books require no typesetting, the processing time for them is much shorter.

Jerusalem Falls is far from the typical crusading Templar tale. Rather, it's a complex, epic tale of moral struggle, religious conflict, and political intrigue framed in the history and drama of those noble, crusading knights. I have a feeling it will make for an enjoyable holiday read.