Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Trial of the Templars, by Malcolm Barber

The Trial of the Templars 2edThe Trial of the Templars 2ed by Malcolm Barber

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This book is an excellent historical analysis of the arrest and trial of the Templar Knights from 1307 to 1314. Malcolm Barber's meticulous research, vast knowledge, and clear analysis make this book well worth reading. Barber offers a lucid, detailed explanation of the reasons, the methods, and the machinations that brought about the persecution and defeat of the most powerful, influential, and respected medieval military order the world has known.

This book is essential to anyone who has more than a passing interest in the true history of the Templars, those Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon.

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Kristopher A. Denby said...

I've always been interested in this subject, but with the proliferation of material since The Davinci Code was published I never know where to start reading and what are reliable sources of information.

I'd really like to hear your take on this. Guess I'll have to read your book when it comes out.

Jack Dixon said...

Hey, Kris! Yes, I think it's a fascinating subject. There's definitely a lot of murky and conflicting material out there, ranging from fact to speculation to outright mythology about who the Templars were, what they believed, and why they were destroyed. I've found Malcom Barber's work to be the most academic, and the most useful. His references to the Templar of Tyre led me to acquire that first-hand account, which has been the most enlightening work I've read regarding the Templars.

I highly recommend anything by Malcom Barber, and pretty much any of the scholars and works to which he most frequently refers. I've learned to avoid speculation about lost treasures, holy grails, and a whole range of similar fantasy. The true history is sufficiently dramatic to inspire absorbing, realistic fiction.

It's good to hear from you! You're on my list for first notification when Jerusalem Falls is published.