Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kindle Versions

The Pict on Amazon

I've finally gotten the Kindle versions of The Pict straight. The poorly formatted version is no longer available at Amazon. I'm hoping that some time soon iUniverse will make good on their agreement to remove the first edition paperback from print, and make it unavailable, as I doubt they ever resolved the problem of the erroneous cover graphics. Barnes & Noble also has an eBook version of The Pict available.

Progress on Number Two

I've continued to make good progress on Number Two. I've done some heavy editing, practically rewriting several chapters in their entirity. I've found that while I tried to make good use of the time Karen and I spent at the chemo clinic and various other medical facilities, my head wasn't in it the way I thought it was. It's mildly frustrating, but I'm happy that I'm making significant improvements to what I've got, and filling in the blanks as well. My "editors" have told me that what I had is much better now, and what I'm adding is top notch. I trust their judgment, and I appreciate my readers' patience as I look to a Spring 2010 release date.

More to come.