Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kindle, and New Edition of The Pict

Well, it's taking some time to get the various editions of The Pict straight on Amazon. There are two Kindle versions, one for $3.84, and one for $6.00. The $6.00 edition should be $4.80, and the $3.84 version (which should also be $4.80) is flowing through from an affiliated website (http://www.mobipocket.com/).

The latest paperback edition is priced lower than the original edition, but the original edition still shows up when the title is searched. The new edition shows up in the "Also Available in" box below the main title area. It will apparently take some time to get this all worked out. So far, I'm very happy with Amazon's responsiveness in dealing with it.

If nothing else, I'm learning a lot about publishing my own books and editions. By the time Number Two rolls around, I'll have it straight.


K.A. Denby said...

Well, I've got to get my hands on the expanded version.

Jack Dixon said...

Hi, Kris. This isn't the expanded version yet. It's the 2nd edition of the first version. I re-published primarily to get away from iUniverse, as they've really deteriorated as an assisted self-publishing resource. Last year, when Amazon required publishers to print only through BookSurge, iUniverse sent the wrong book block files to BookSurge, including a horrific cover design that they had originally suggested and I had soundly rejected (it showed a medieval castle on the front and back of the book, which is set in the 1st century). iUniverse wouldn't do anything to correct the problem, and readers were getting a printing that I felt diminished my credibility as a historical fiction writer.

I also took the opportunity to correct some mistakes that my favorite critic, Kirsten Campbell, pointed out in her critique of The Pict.

I'm focused completely on my Number Two now, making good progress, and looking to publish in January or February, 2010. I'll turn to the expanded Pict (The Pict: Rising of the Last Free Men) after that, and probably publish that later in 2010.

Hope all's well with you!


Kristopher A. Denby said...

Awesome! Sorry to hear about the follies with iUniverse.