Friday, November 20, 2009

Latest News

I'm in the process of publishing the 2nd edition of The Pict through Standing Stone Press, an imprint of Ridley Park Books. The 2nd edition will be available on Amazon within a few days. I like the new (slightly smaller) format much better than the first. It might not seem like there's much of a difference between (5.5" x 8.5") and (6" x 9"), but I think there is. The smaller size is closer to the size of a Kindle, and it just feels better.

I'm also publishing a 2nd edition for the Kindle, to fix formatting problems with the 1st edition. I've eliminated the graphic at the head of each chapter, because that only got in the way, and I want the text to flow more smoothly. I've learned from reading my own Kindle that simple, clean, and straightforward is best. The new Kindle edition should be available in a couple of weeks.

I'll publish my second novel, also historical fiction, shortly after the holidays, in early 2010. It's a much more substantial book than The Pict, pushing 500 pages, set in medieval Europe and Jerusalem. I like the way it's going. I think the story will be a good read.

Happy holidays to all!


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