Monday, February 23, 2009

Working the Web Site

I'm reworking my website ( I've had to switch web hosting companies, and I found what appears to be a good, solid web host. The problem is that their free online web development tool really sucks, so I'm teaching myself GoLive CS2 in the process. Nothing like diving into the deep end to learn how to swim.
I'll be building a second site, too, called Ridley Park Books ( I'll be publishing my second novel completely independently. It's a bold new venture - my favorite kind. I'll also help other authors who are interested in truly self-publishing rather than going with an "assisted self-publishing" company, to publish their work.
Things still look good for a Fall 2009 release of Novel Number Two, and then early Spring 2010 for the expanded version of The Pict. I'm most looking forward to the expanded Pict, as it's the story that's closest to my heart, and there's so much more to tell than I was able to get into the first release.
It seems someone beat me to the title for Number Two, the working title I've had at the head of the mauscript for about seven years. The Templar, by Paul Doherty, was published in April 2008. I haven't read it yet, but I'm looking forward to that when I have the time. Fair play to you, Paul! I wish you good fortune on your Templar series. Ah, well...this is the sort of thing that keeps us creative, now, isn't it, trying to come up with yet one more title that's just right for the story? Have to come up with something catchy for Number Two.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Number Two, Moving Along

Picking up the pace on Number Two, the tale of the tortured Templar. I'm anticipating a Fall 2009 release of my 2nd historical novel, followed closely by the amplification of The Pict. I continue to be pleased with the acceptance of The Pict, and I'm looking forward to meeting the requests I've received for more.