Wednesday, March 26, 2008


On February 8, 2008 my new and indescribably wonderful wife, Karen Luggi-Dixon, passed away after a valiant thirteen month fight against a terribly aggressive and ultimately terminal cancer. She was 43. We fought the cancer together with every fiber of our being, with every ounce of strength and optimism we could muster, and with a deep and abiding love and commitment to one another.

Karen taught me things about love that I didn't even know were there to be learned. I showed her that she was more than worthy of my deepest, most loyal and unquenchable love, and that I would never leave her for anything, ever. She was my angel, and I was her rock. We clung together, inseparable to the end. I miss her too badly for words to adequately describe. My grief is pervasive and profound, and it is impossible for me to return to my focus on writing, at least for now.

I know there is much yet for me to write. Karen said I have much work to do, and none of the stories have left me. But they're in hibernation until I am somehow able to return to some semblance of 'normal' and rediscover a purpose in writing. Karen was my Purpose, and without her all else seems pointless. I'll work each day to move closer to the day I can write again, because that's what Karen told me she wanted me to do - sooner rather than later.

I'll do what I can to accomplish that. And one day, perhaps soon, Novel Number Two will hit the market, as will my significant expansion of The Pict. I hope my readers will wait with patient understanding until then.

If you're inclined to do so, drop by and read the prayer that Karen wrote for her own funeral service. It will give you some insight into the beauty of her soul, and the strength with which she faced her adversity.