Monday, November 12, 2007

13th Century Languedoc

Doing a lot of research lately for Novel Number Two, set primarily in 13th century Languedoc, Acre, and Scotland. Unlike The Pict, there's quite a bit of detailed documentation of the culture and events of that time. Won't have the creative liberties I enjoyed with The Pict.

I'd be appreciative of any and all tidbits of knowledge, especially obscure facts, about how people lived from 1250 - 1350: how classes interacted, common language usage of the day, clothing, economics, disease, etc. I'm most interested in these things as they apply to Cathars (known by their contemporaries not as 'Cathars', but as 'The Good Men,' 'Albigensians,' and a few other names), Templars, Mamluks, Catholic officials (including Inquisitors). All input welcome!

Independent Publishing
For writers planning to publish and not certain of how to go about it, take a few moments to check out a new organization, the Independent Authors Guild. There's a discussion group and a website for the organization. Of course, I'd be happy to discuss the process of publishing your book independently, as there are tremendous and growing resources available for those who would rather write, publish, and retain the rights to their work instead of playing the lengthy, costly, hazardous, and daunting courting game with agents and publishing companies.


F J Warren said...

Dear Jack,

I don't normally read your blog but noticed your piece on 13th century Languedoc. I love that place and time so will be most interested in your book when it hits the shelves. I should imagine that you know all about this book - one of my all time favourites - but here's the link just in case.

Hoping all is going well for you.

Best wishes

F J Warren

Jack Dixon said...

Thank you, FJ. If you'd be interested in a preview, I'll send you a bit of it when I feel it's ready for an audience. The book is about 80% complete, but I've not done much with it for a while. I'm just now getting back to where I can focus on it again.

Thank you for the note!


F J Warren said...

Dear Jack,

I haven't read 'The Pict' yet! :(

I'm all over the place on this side of the pond at the moment but the reviews for your book are brilliant and I'm sure I'll enjoy it. And yes, I would like a sneak preview of your next book! :)

Best wishes,